Easy Transfer from external hard drive to new computer



Hello All!

I just replace my old computer, which died, with a new Dell 1705 with
Vista. I've managed to extract the HDD from the old computer and
connect it to my new computer as an external drive via USB. Now I'd
like to use the Easy Transfer tool to load all my files and settings
to the new computer.

But, Easy Transfer seems to require the old computer to first run Easy
Transfer to create the transfer file, and then use Easy Transfer on
the new computer to extract the files to the new computer.

I need to transfer the files directly from the old HDD to the new
computer, but can't figure out how to do it. Is it possible?

I've thought about booting the new computer from the old HDD (it has
XP on it), but I'm not sure how to do that, either.

Any help is appreciated.



Richard Urban

Your old drive is already connected via USB? Can your new computer see the
old drive when you open explorer?

If so, create a new folder on the new drive called "From Old Computer". Go
to the old drive. Now **COPY** (don't "move") the files to the new folder
you just created. After you get everything copied over you can turn off the
computer and disconnect the old drive to protect it's contents - in case
everything didn't go as per plan.

Now you can take your time placing the copied files where you want them to
finally reside on your new computer.



Richard Urban MVP
Microsoft Windows Shell/User

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