This is probably laughably easy for you guys... I started manually
transferring files to a new computer (Drive C) and then got smart and used
an easy transfer cable, Problem is that the transfer went to the D Recovery
Drive, which is now almost full. So now Drive C has some o the stuff I
transferred but Drive D has everything.

Basically, I want to move everything from D to C. How do I do that?


Mark L. Ferguson

It would depend on why you wanted the data on C:. Some applications have an
option to choose where their data is put. To move the data, you have to
change those 'path' settings in the app, or it breaks the app. Easy transfer
might have put them where some app is saying it wants it.
As far a copying files, and then deleting the old set, several utilities can
do that, up to, and including 'select and rightclick' on the folders to
'move' or 'copy then paste' them. A transfer between drives usually requires
that you copy over to the other drive, then delete the old ones later.
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Mark L. Ferguson

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