How Do I Uninstall/Remove/Disable Windows Easy Transfer from my XP



How do I unintall/remove/disable Windows Easy Transfer from my XP Pro System?
I've made the transfer of the files to Windows 7RC on a different hard drive
and now I want to restore my XP Pro drive back to the original condition,
i.e., the condition it was in prior to my installation and use of Windows
Easy Transfer.

There's some unintended consequences that result to the old drive when you
use the program. For example, when I double click my "C" drive and my "G"
(i.e., external USB drive hooked up to the old computer) instead of just
opening up the drive the way Windows normally operates, instead, I get the
following message: 'File "C:\WindowsEasyTransfer\x86\migfiles.dat' is missing
from the install disk. The Windows Easy Transfer Disk is invalid."

Can anyone help? I really find this new development both annoying and
distressing. Thanks.


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