Easy Transfer - disk location space issue



I am attemping to use the easy transfer, when transfering files the program
apears to select the recovery partion of my hard drive, giving me a out of
space message, can I select the "c" drive vs the "d" drive?


Hello Roger,

Your source machine most likely has the same drive mapping configuration as
your destination machine. If this is the case, then Windows Easy Transfer
assumes that they map identically so won't give you the option to map drives.
One choice is to do migration of data from one drive at a time and exclude
the other. Then, apply the store to the target machine.


Byron Ricks [MSFT]

Thanks for posting. From your post, I understand that you have a question
about mapping drives during the transfer process. If Windows Easy Transfer
detects matching drive letters on the old and new PCs, it will automatically
map C to C and D to D, for instance. To get around this, rename one of the
drives (either on the new or old computer). When Windows Easy Transfer
detects that the drives don't have a 1:1 correspondence, it will allow you
to remap where the contents are transferred.

Please let me know if I can provide further assistance.


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