DV-AVI is blocked out in MM2



I want to convert some 8MM tapes to DVD. But my DV-AVI option is grayed out
in MM2! Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
j. thinkpad


Hi, I bought a new digital camcorder last week, SONY DCR-HC39E. When i tried
to use the movie maker, the clips came out rubbish, it was as though i have
captured the movie from some cheap webcam, although it looks very good on tv.

Could this be as a result of me using usb instead of i-link. My laptop has a
firewire port (4pin), so if i use it via i-link will it be as equal to the
quality of the movie i captured in the camcorder.

Thank you.

Graham Hughes

Using usb can only capture a low quality file. Watching it on the pc is no
good as you really need an interlaced tv environment to watch on, and
watching it in MM is worse as it shows an even lower resolution and 12fps
By using firewire you will need to capture as dv-avi and then you will
retain full quality.

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

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