Burn DVD using dv-avi - confusion



Hi, I'm reading posts to solve a problem I have and now confused myself. I
understand that I want to capture video in dv-avi to get the best quality and
save a movie from MM2 project as dv-avi also, which I did. Now to get it on
the DVD is my confusion: The recommendation I see in the posts is to save it
to the DVD in dv-avi, also. Is dv-avi also called "fit-to-DVD"???

I have a pre-installed version of Sonic MyDVD, it has these options:
'fit-to-DVD", "High Quality", SP,etc. If I want to save 'fit-to-DVD' to get
what they say "better quality", I need to upgrade the version. I went to
Sonic's website and it says the latest release saves 'fit-to-DVD', but says
nothing about saving as dv-avi. I didn't see anything about saving in dv-avi
on Nero's website either. Hence, my confusion.

Now here's another point...I just bought a new PC w/MS Media Center OS. I'm
in a rush to complete a project and haven't been able to take time to figure
out all the components. I'm using MovieMaker2, which has a save to DVD
option--this saves to DVD using 'fit-to-DVD' (I can't find the background
software, but doesn't seem to be Sonic because my installed version of Sonic
that came with the computer doesn't save as "fit-to-DVD"--I have to upgrade
to get that). I could stop right here and use MM2, but I'm also pulling in
..wmv files created by other people ....So, I'd like to use Sonic because the
interface is better for mixing.

Any clarification is greatly appreciated! I'm absolutely amazed at the
power and functionality that is available! Thank you!


Okay, I'm re-reading and re-reading my own question and the light bulb is
starting to flicker. Dv-avi is a digital image and would have to be
compressed even in "fit-to-DVD", right? So, then if I saved my MM2 project
as an .avi file already, I should be able to just copy/burn that file to a
dvd, right? And, if I use Sonic, should I save the finished movie as an .iso
file and then burn to DVD??? thanks and I'm sorry if I'm being long and


Chris, thank you so much for responding. I have a 1.5 gig movie so far, and
it actually looks better on fit-to-dvd than it does in high-quality, unless
it's just my imagination. MediaCenter OS must be running MyDVD in the
background while I'm in MM2. I have an extra option that says "SAVE to DVD".
I create the fit-to-dvd DVD while in MM2, but I never see anyother software
popup. I'm sure I'll see a quality change if my movie gets too large for the
dvd. thank you!



Rule of thumb with DV-AVI captured/saved video is that most software (MyDVD)
can fit about 1 hr or 13GB of DV-AVI onto a 4.7 GB DVD. That confuses most
people. MyDVD compresses the file appropriately (to MPEG-2 I believe), to
fit on the DVD. I have an older verison of MyDVD, so I limit my movies to
about an hour. The newer version you have, as Chris said, will fit your movie
on the DVD by compressing it as much as possible to fit (ie if its 2 hours).
The longer the movie beyond 1hr and the more complex it is
(transitions/effects, etc), the more it will need to compress.

Your 1 GB movie will not need to be 'over' compressed as it would fit
normally anyway.


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