Bad sound when playing DV-AVI files



When I save a video as a DV-AVI, and watch using WMP10, it won't play properly,
voices are garbled and intermittent. If I disable, which Gspot
shows as being used when the video was recorded, the video then plays correctly.
I have no idea where comes from, but wonder if I should disable
it before saving a project as a DV-AVI in WMM 2.1? Also can't play the video in
either "Total Video Player" or "VLC media player". WMV versions play fine. I'm
under the impression that the DV-AVI videos should be used when burning a DVD (I
use Ulead DVD Workshop 2 usually), but hate to burn a couple of coasters to find
out which works or works better, DV-AVI or WMV.



i have read this WMM stuff about improper audio files after the video is
saved as a DV-AVI and yes, i have the same problem! It's really getting on
my nerves, because i'm trying to make a "major" project. I can't seem to
understand why Microsoft doesn't help or give suggestions. I've been told
that it has to do with the converting of the files, but i still can't get an
answer as to what to do or how to do it.

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