Moive preview in story line is very slow




I captured DV from camcorder using MM2 with DV-AVI format (12GB). Movie
moves very smoothly when movie clips are in collection window. But, if I add
clips to story line, then preview is slow (it's not exactly slow, but move
with some traces). After I edited the movie and save to HD with DV-AVI
format, and burned it with Nero vision express. Final DVD is also similarly
Is that due to DV type that MM2 handle? (some webpages explain difference
between type1 and type2).

So, I tried to capture movie using Nero vision express with DV type-2
format. But, MM2 can't import the file. It says something like codec problem.

How can I correct the problem? I want to use MM2 to edit movie, but want to
get good quality DVD. Thanks.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

the type I of MM2 and type II of MM1 DV-AVI files have no effect on the
quality of the DVD.... as Movie Maker isn't involved in the transcoding of
the movies to the MPEG-2 files needed for the discs, it's the DVD software
you use.

Both MM1 and MM2 can handle either type DV-AVI file... the file might be
something like a Divx encoded AVI file rather than a DV-AVI one.

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