Importing Hi8 as DV-AVI - no clips upon import



I'm capturing a bunch of Hi8 (i.e., analog 8mm) video tapes to my hard drive
using MM2. When I capture these over a composite video cable I get a wmv
file (about 2gb in size) and import properly creates clips. When I instead
capture these videos over a firewire cable (it's a Digital8 camera) I get a
dv-avi file (about 20gb in size) but when MM2 attempts to import the file the
progress indicator climbs to 100% but no clips are produced. I *think* this
is because the DV-AVI stream does not contain any markers to indicate clip
transition points since the original source content is analog.

I'd like to be able to capture as DV-AVI, but I'd also like to have clips
automatically created by MM2. Is there a way to tell MM2 to import a DV-AVI
in the same way it imports a wmv - that is don't try to look for clip markers
in the DV-AVI stream but instead inspect the actual scenese of the video and
heuristically determine where clip transitions should occur?


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