Can't make clips with DV-AVI



Hi all - just starting with digital video so sorry if answer is obvious
(but haven't seen it in this group or in PapaJohn's brilliant site).

Importing from Hi8 and Betamax via Canopus ADVC 100 if I opt for Digital
device format MM2 doesn't make clips either automatically or subsequently
via Tools command. Video and audio seem to be captured fine in DV-AVI, but
in a single file which would obviously be much harder to edit. Clips are
made, however, when I opt for "Best quality", ie .wmv. Is there a way round
this - or should I just settle for wmv? One reason I'd prefer to capture the
Betamax tapes (now 20 yrs old) in DV-AVI (despite file size) is that I may
want to use another editor later as I get more experienced and I gather
nothing else (yet) accepts wmv. Also I have NTI DVD burning software bundled
with my Acer and need DV-AVI to convert to MPEG.


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