system requirement to edit DV-AVI in MM2



I want to edit a movie in MM2.
I understand that the DV-AVI is the best quality... but the files are HUGE.

Since I want to work on a project of about 1h, I was wondering if MM2 was
more resources demanding (CPU, RAM) when one edit DV-AVI compared to a WMV
with a high bitrate (8Mb/s).


Not really
Resources are of little consequence when rendering a movie with WMM.
Lower resources simply mean the job will take longer.
Yes DV-AVI files are huge but that is because they are basically the raw
video with very little compression.
The DV-AVI should only be on your hard drive temporarily until you burn your
DVD so it shouldn't be a
problem unless you don't have the space. As far as the sizr being more than
4.7GB (A DVD Capacity)
don't worrk about that. Your DVD Authoring program will convert the file
anyway. If it is an hour long it
will fit on the DVD.

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