Dual Boot System Win 2K & Win XP



I have a 64 bit AMD Sempron system that I was trying to make a dual boot
system according to the instruction posted on this site. The HD is 320 GB.
I booted with the 2K cd since this is the opsys that must go on first. At
first, t showed the harddrive as 305000 +/-. So I attempted to make 2
separate partitions one about 145000G and the other about 155000G. The box
which prompts you to specify how large, would only allow me to type 5
characters. So I specified 90000 and it formatted the drive with NTFS
showing 89998. 2k installed fine. So I updated to SP4 and other updates.
Rebooted and still no problems so I installed XP on the remaining partiton,
which showed about 215002 +/-. XP installed without complications and I
updated to SP3. When I rebooted and tried to go into 2K, it showed the logo
and then suddenly halted with blue screen and the message STOP .....invalid
format or unknown format. I rebooted twice and the same error. I went back
into XP and no problem. I rebooted with the 2K cd and looked at the
partitions. It showed 2 but both was listed as unformatted or damaged
partition and now only 139000B shows as the harddrivesize. I removed the 2K
CD and rebooted with XP and XP saw it was a 320GB drive and saw the
partitions correctly. I rebootrd with 2K again and the same error showed
in the partitions. Now here's the catch. I rebooted with the 2K cd and
now my HD shows as 130000K +/- . Although it shows, it will not format or
allow me to delete the partiton only create. After I create, it is stuck
in a loop of formating and then showing install but it will not install/ When
I boot with my XP cd, It shows my drive as 305000 and I can delete and create
partitions and format but when I doot wit the 2K CD, it will not recognize
the format. It shows both as unformatted or damage. Does Win 2K have a
drive limitation so that it will not see my 320 GB drive? I've tried this 5
times? Any suggestions?


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