Device Manager Errors



This may or may not be related to a recent install of a Logitech QuickCam
9000 Pro web cam, but my Win XP Pro sp2 system Device Manager, under "Sound
Video and Game Controllers" I now have 5 entries with the yellow ! The error
message for each of the 5 entries is the same:

This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its
drivers installed. (Code 24)

Here's the whole list including the entries with ! and the ones without:

! Audio Codecs
Creative SB Audigy
! Legacy Audio Drivers
! Legacy Video Capture Devices
Logitech Mic (Pro 9000)
! Media Control Devices
Unimodem full duplex audio device
! Video Codecs

If I check the properties for the ! entries, there are in fact a number of
audio and video codecs and media control devices, as well as "WDM Video for
Windows Capture Driver (win32)" under Legacy Video Capture Devices. Each of
the individual drivers reports that the "Driver is enabled and functioning
properly." There's nothing under Legacy Audio Drivers.

I *think* that before the webcam install the only items in this category were
the Creative soundcard and the modem and that there were no ! marks, but I
don't look at Device Manager all that often. I only looked because I noticed
that Event Manager was showing a whole bunch of Warning messages related to
the QuickCam at bootup time (but that's another story ... I think).

What do I do to fix the ! problems?

Rich Barry

I would reinstall the software and drivers for your Creative Audigy. See
if that fixes the yellow marks next to the devices.
If not you may have to remove the Logitech software and drivers and start
from scratch.

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