desktop icons in a windows 2000 teminal sever



I am running terminal services in a windows 2000 server. I
am connecting to the server from a windows xp client. I am
using the same userid / password that I use to log on the
server in the terminal session too. I am using the remote
admin mode of the terminal services.

Will I be able to see my desktop icons when I log on to
the termical service client in windows xp.

I am not able to see those icons in the client. Is that a
feature that I should expect?


I´m not sure what you mean, is your question that you should be able to see your windows xp desktop icons in the terminal session?
The answear to this question is both yes and no.
If you are using roaming profiles then the answear is yes.

If not, then the terminal server dosen´t have a clue how your current desktop is configured.

Please correct me if I´m wrong about your question.


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