delfolders.exe prompt back??? help



I made a post a few days ago about getting an error when I booted the
Windows cannot find: c:\windows\system32\tools\delfolders.exe I booted into
safemode and clicked start search looking for delfolders.exe. Searh couldn't
find it. So I went into regedit and deleted the string I found refering to
it. Then ran spybot adaware, which found junk and deleted them. Then scan
the computer with norton antivirus which was clean when completed. I run
norton firewall and look for updateds every two days. All went well untill I
booted up this morning and the samething again I got the prompt
c:\windows\system32\tools\delfolders.exe. Anyone tell me why this is coming
back? I thought I got it all claned up.

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