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May help someone sometime.

I did a SFC /scannow and when it was done I could no longer boot. Gave
it some thought and I remembered that on the XP install I had to F6 to
load my hard drive driver.

It's on an older Promise TX2 card. Well the SFC /scannow replaced my
driver ultra.sys with a XP ultra.sys. So I booted from the XP cd and
hit the R went to the prompt and copied my ultra.sys back to

That did it, booted fine. So if anyone is using a card to run the hard
drive that XP has no driver for this may help. One other thing is XP
does have a ultra.sys file but it's an older dma66 one that it
replaced mine with that will not work so I guess the SFC /scannow seen
ultra.sys had been replaced and put it's copy of it on.

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