creating a new default pst file?



Appparently my current pst file is not unicode, so I need to create a new
pst file to replace it.

As a test, I created a new pst file, created an inbox, and point one of my
email account to use it as the inbox. It works.

But inbox is just one out of may special folders.

How do I change my outbox, deleted items, junk mail. calender and contacts
to use this new pst file?

Also, the default pst file (personal folders tree) does not allow the file
to be closed. Whereas the new pst file I created can be closed. This seems
to imply there's something special about the default pst file. How can I
make the new pst file into the default pst file so I can close the old one?



Sue Mosher [MVP]

To make the new .pst file the default, choose File | Data File Management,
make the new PST file the default, then close and restart Outlook.


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