Outlook Lost Pst Files

Sep 16, 2019
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Hi there,

My husband had some data in his outlook pst folders. Someone stole his laptop a year ago. He then bought a laptop and when he installed the outlook, all of his PST folders came back. Everything was ok untill he saw that BSOD error a couple of days ago and his laptop was not turning on. So he borrowed my laptop and when he installed outlook, all of his folders are gone.

I tried recovering data from his Hard drive through SATA to usb cable. But I could only find Share point lists.pst.tmp and archive.pst.tmp

We are not sure if those PST files are stored on the laptop or somewhere in the outlook?

Anyone has some idea what is going on and where those PST files could be?

Thank you


Feb 23, 2002
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Do you know who the e-mail provider is? If he has a Office 365, Google, Outlook.com or similar account then he may be able to sync outlook with the remote server and re-build the PST locally. Alternatively, if the e-mail provider offers IMAP accounts then his e-mails may also be stored remotely and can also be rebuilt.

If it happened once before like that, I suspect it's possible to re-sync all e-mails again.

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