Which .pst file?



I am having hard time finding the correct pst file to copy from my son's
laptop that needs formatting. He has Vista and Outlook 2003. In December he
said when he opened up Outlook he got a message that said something about not
being able to find .pst file and he said yes to that, not sure the exact
message, but now Outlook does not open up the correct .pst file because all
his folders, old emails and contacts are not there. It is like Outlook
created a new .pst file. I logged under my name, I have admin rights
(parental controls turned on for him), opened all user and did a search for
..pst including non-indexed, hidden, and system files and it found many
Outlook.pst and Archieve files (not sure what the difference is between the
two). I opened up outlook and did file/open/outlook data file on a few .pst
and achieve files and I think by mistake I also did file/new, but not sure. I
did copy all Outlook/archieve to external drive but I want to figure out
which pst is correct. The laptop has not been used since 2nd week in December
other than 1-4 and 1-5 when I open the computer, I looked at the properties
of each one and the created dates and file size. I have 3 archieves that are
4.13MB in different locations. 3 outlooks in different locations and 2 of
them are 268mb and one that is 761kb. Then 1 personal folder fo 265kb. I
have opened some but not sure which ones but the ones I did open do not show
the original emails. How do I figure out which one is the original pst file.
Does this website allow for uploading pdfs?
Thank you


With outlook closed copy all pst files to external media
The Archive pst files are just that, archives
A pst of 265kb contains no data and one of 761kb contains very little
The 268mb would appear to be the data file you require to see previous data

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