Crashing for no apparent reason


Peter Row


Okay lets start with the specs, 2 machines:

Machine 1:
Aopen AK86-L MB (550W case)
AMD 64 3400
1.5GB Kingston PC2700 RAM
256MB Gainword 6800 Ultra AGP
SB Audigy 2
Win XP Pro SP2

Machine 2:
Aopen AK86-L MB (550W case)
AMD 64 3400
1GB Kingston PC3200 RAM
256MB Point Of View 6800 Ultra AGP.
SB Audigy 2 ZS Pro
Win XP Pro SP2

Right then, machine 1 works fine no problems at all and
apart from the sound (the ZS needs internal power for
external livedrive) and the graphics manufacture and amount
of memory there are no differences. The machines are
networked directly via a cross-over cable.

However machine 2 after working fine for about 5 months
has now started going haywire.

First time the screen suddenly changed to rainbow gradient
lines the machines power light stayed on but the machine was
totally buggered, it would not respond neither would the reset
button, I had to hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off.

I thought maybe it was a one off glitch, but then about a week later
I turned the machine on and before it had even booted fully into
Windows (although it had gotten past all the bios stuff) the screen
just went black, the power light again stayed on but reset didn't
work and I had to hold the power button in. After a couple of
seconds I tried starting the machine; the exact same thing happened
again. Third time lucky and the machine booted into Windows before
repeating the same thing just after login.

NOTE: In all cases although the power light stayed on to all intents
and purposes the machine was off as all fans, HDDs etc.. had powered

I suspected the power supply so I swapped it for the extact same sort.
550W. Everything seemed to be okay I was play music on WM10
(window mode - not full screen) and then the screensaver came on
and the machine appeared to lock up, it didn't respond to mouse or
keyboard, but the music would play a couple more seconds before
stopping again. So unlike the last times there was still power.

The only things I have installed recently are LOTR : The battle for middle
earth (fantastic game by the way), and I have connected a mini-disc player
to the Line 3-In of the Audigy 2 livedrive. I can't believe either of these
are causing this sort of crash.

Most of the occasions this happened nothing has been entered in the
event log. However on some of them I get the following error happen
seemingly the time of the crash:

The COM+ Event system detected a bad return code during its internal
processing. HRESULT was 8007041F from line 44 of
d:\qxp_slp\com\comlx\src\events\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp. Please
contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error.

D: is my DVD-Writer drive so the path indicated does not exist so not
sure what that's all about. The link in event viewer takes you to an MS
webpage giving the totally unhelp message that there is no further info
on this error.

Anybody have any ideas what I could do I would be most grateful.

Peter Row


Anybody have any ideas what I could do I would be most grateful.

Peter Row

First suspect would be the p/s, but you switched that. I'd swap the video
cards and see if the behavior remains. If it does, then mainboard would be
likely culprit. Memory won't do this.

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