Computer powers off for no reason



I have a Compaq Presario R3000 laptop, AMD 64 3400+ with 1.5GB memory. As of
late it has had an issue where upon booting into Windows it would just power
off. Here in Minnesota we have had some rather warm weather, so it is hotter
than usual, and the room I am usually in does not get the AC well. So I
looked at temp being a factor. I used a program that monitored CPU temp and
saw that it was in the acceptable range of 42C. Sometimes the minute I log
in as it loads it shuts down. Other times I can actually log in, then after
a minute or so of doing NOTHING it just shuts down. I had a test copy of
Vista installed that I only logged into once months back. I thought if there
was a specific issue to XP, this might solve the issue. Yet Vista did the
same thing, once I log in it shuts off.

I got out my Opensuse DVD and ran Memtest86, it appears the memory is fine.
I went into the HP Bios and did disk check for errors, nothing came up. Now
the Memtest I am running now has gone on for over 45 minutes. I can load
Windows Safe Mode with Networking just fine, had it on for over 3 hours this
weekend copying data over.

But for whatever reason, something causes the laptop to shut down in XP (Pro
SP2, All updates done, Symantec 10.2 Corp up to date). In the past, I have
encountered issues where conflicts cause a machine to reboot, crash, lock
up, etc.. But nothing where it would just power off. It is if the machine is
running off of the battery, yet I have not had a battery in for over 2
years. If it was a virus, trojan, malware, etc.. would it cause the machine
to abruptly shut off like this? Never heard of that one before

- Bobb -

What wasn't working while in safe mode ?
How about boot up in safe mode /disable stuff in device mgr.
shutdown/ boot normally until /if one device is related to it.
Start with most stuff disabled to see if "boot normally" in min config and
build from there.

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