Convert custom document properties to pdf



I have a Word 2007 document which has the "general" document properties (i.e.
Author, Title, etc.), but I have also added a "custom" document property
("Department"). When I save this document as .pdf the "general" properties
transfer to the pdf, BUT the "custom" property does not.

I have tried this with first saving as both .doc and .docx, and with both
"save as .pdf" settings (standard and minimum size). I am using Word 2007 SP1
MSO (12.0.6213.1000).

ANY suggestions / help on how to get the custom properties to the pdf file
would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Have you changed the "Print what" under the Print dialog to "Document
properties" and then maybe print to PDF, and not use the PDF convertor?
I don't have 2007 but this works in 2003.
Hope this helps


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it did not work - the "custom"
properties still do not transfer to the pdf.

Very frustrating....


I don't know for certain, but it may not be possible. This may be a feature
of the .pdf format rather than of Word. The .pdf format was not developed by
Microsoft. The developers (Adobe? They write Acrobat) probably programmed
it to pick up certain standard properties that they knew were available in
Microsoft Office documents. If you are familiar with pre-2007 Office, you'll
note it's not just custom properties that aren't picked up, but anything from
the last tab of the Properties dialog. Everything they pick up is the
standard stuff on the second tab.

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