Creating custom stamps in .pdf Adobe documents

Oct 16, 2010
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After trying several approaches, the best method I found to create a block of text to insert onto digital *.pdf documents is to create a stamp by using this procedure:

-create the text in Microsoft Word and save the stamp template as a *.docx;

-open the stamp template in Adobe Illustrator and save as *.pdf;

-import the stamp template into the *.pdf document using Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) by going to Comment => Annotations => Add Stamp =>Custom Stamps => Create Custom Stamps and browse for the stamp template file.

This method created a stamp that was the best resolution and the smallest size after the final *.pdf document was saved with the stamp.

Although you can create the stamp template *.pdf directly from Microsoft Word for importing into Adobe Acrobat, using this method created a much larger file size in the final document (*.pdf file with the stamp applied) than when applying a stamp created using Adobe Illustrator. In my case, the difference in the final document file size was .5 MB larger using a stamp template *.pdf created from Microsoft Word compared to .04 MB added when using a stamp template created using Adobe Illustrator. Also, the stamp using Adobe Illustrator had a transparent background. Several of the other methods did not.

Also, a benefit of using a stamp template is that it is harder to modify if the user needs to preserve the integrity of the stamp. The text in a Text Box is relatively easily to modify, and the text size often appears small in the final document, especially in very large size paper formats, such as E Size engineering drawings.

Once the stamp is created, users can cut and paste the template into other documents using Adobe Acrobat, and the size of the template can be adjusted.

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