Adobe "Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure"

Oct 16, 2010
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Error: Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure

Program: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC using Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Received "Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure" when attempting to delete a page in a *.pdf.

It appears in my case this error had something to do with "Tags", so I deleted them, which solved the problem.

To remove tags from a *.pdf using Adobe, go to View => Show/Hide => Navigation Panes => Tags

On the left in the Tags pane, right click on Tags on the top of the list and delete (note: Tags with *.pdf icon, not the one that is the label for the Tags pane).

Once deleted, the list should now say "No Tags available".

Close and save.

I am not sure what other issues removing Tags may have on the document, but I have not encountered any problems.

Recommend saving a copy of the document prior to making these changes as a precaution.

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