Trouble converting Word to PDF



Trouble converting several (but not all) Word documents to PDF. I’ve tried
this from PDFMaker within Word, and from Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.
Following describes my troubles with a 5.5 Mb, 125-page Word document.

From PDFMaker within Word: At the beginning of the conversion there is a
dialog box that says, “This document may take a substantial time to convert.
PDFMaker can speed up the conversion by turning off tagging but the PDF file
so created would not have accessibility features. Do you want PDFMaker to
turn off tagging for this document?â€

If I say YES (turn off tagging), there is a PDF output but all my chapter
bookmarks link to the end of the chapter rather than the beginning. Not a big
deal, and I can fix it in the PDF, but I wish it didn’t require any

If I say NO (do not turn off tagging for this document), whether I make the
PDF from PDF Maker in Word, or from Adobe Acrobat, the job stalls somewhere
during “Creating Cross-reference and TOC links.†Word generates the,
“Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry
for the inconvenience.†message, and the next time I open the file, I need to
save the Repaired version.

I “send†the problem to Microsoft Windows Error Reporting, and it returns a
page that says, “An update is available for your Microsoft Office System
product. This cumulative update fixes many of the problems customers have
reported to us through the problem reporting system.†My employer updates all
our software as they see fit, and I cannot get this update.

Is it a memory problem? I’m running Windows XP Professional Version 2002
Service Pack 2 (Microsoft Word 2002 [10.6826.6825] SP3) and Adobe Acrobat 8
Professional. I have an AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual processor, 2.00 GHz, with 960 MB
of RAM.


There are some things you can try:

- Delete any section breaks and then copy the contents except for the final
paragraph mark (Ctrl+A, Shift+Left arrow, Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) into a
fresh document in order to get rid of any corruption. Then try converting

- Divide the document into smaller parts, convert them separately into PDFs,
and then merge the PDF files (for example, by using the GIOS PDF splitter and

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