Printing or Saving to PDF with PDF Bookmarks



I have Adobe Professional 7.0 and Word 2007 on my machine. I need to save a
500+ page document to pdf and have all my Word headers convert to PDF
Bookmarks but this is not happening.

I have tried both printing to pdf and save as pdf in Word as well as convert
to pdf in Acrobat.

I have added Adobe PDFMaker to the ADD-INs, but for some reason it does not
appear in the ADD-IN ribbon even though Word displays the location of
PDFmaker correctly.

The TOC for this document is 10 pages long and I will need to update the
document from time to time. I cannot spend several hours creating a new set
of Acrobat bookmarks everytime I update the document and create a new pdf.


Graham Mayor

You need Acrobat Version 8 updated to 8.1.2 as a minimum requirement for
add-in compatibility with Word 2007.
Version 7 will only work as a 'printer' driver with this version of Word.

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