mouse rollover on embedded jpeg in pdf shows directory tree



I am using word 2007. i have documents with jpeg/jpg's inserted into the
text of the document. when i use the save as pdf menu option I am able to
save the entire file as a pdf. When I open the document in adobe acrobat 9.2
and put my mouse over a jpeg/jpg I the directory tree structure of the image
is shown by the mouse tip. I would like to eliminate this. When performing
this save as operation, if I click the options button and uncheck document
properties option, that doesn't fix it. If i uncheck the Document structure
tags for accessibility option that doesn't fix it but if I uncheck both of
them, that seems to fix it. Is this correct? Documented somewhere?

Graham Mayor

It appears to be the document structure tags for accessibility option that
controls the tools tips.
Whether the path or the document name is shown is determined by whether the
image is linked or not.
There is very little in Word help about this, but you should find much more
about the use of tags on Adobe's web site.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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