Connecting and managing client from AD



I am not sure if is the correct group to post this to....someone may be able
to point me to that if this is wrong.

Working as desktop support tech on fairly large domain ( approx 3000 PCs)

In the last two weeks I have noticed that quite a few PCs cannot be pinged
or remoted to.
I presume it is a firewall problem. I can normally browse the PC name in AD
and use manage to turn the firewall service off. I can't do that now. I have
checked and found the PC is working ok on the network. There seems to be no
problem with the functionality of the PC.
I simply cannot talk to it until I turn the firewall off.

What bugs me is that prior to this happening I could at least ping the PC
even if firewall was on. I have checked and found that turning firewall off I
can ping, manage or remote the PC.

PCs are XP SP3

Anyone have any idea.


All PCs have windows XP SP3 and use the windows firewall only.
There is no third party network software on the PCs.
Yes the firewall is only on the PC.

I am not sure of the protocol ping uses. I thought icmp.
Also tracert gets no response. - I have physically checked and the PC is on
the network and working with no apparent problem.


If you mean Xp's firewall there are settings in the firewall to allow
ICMP(ping), and other exceptions. go to network properties then your LAN
properties, then "advanced" tab, then "firewall settings", then "advanced"
tab of firewall. ICMP settings are there. "allow incoming echo requests" is
for pinging.

If this is what you needed help with...

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