XP2XP RDT in same subnet


Memphis TD

Hi all
PC1: DELL Optiplex 755
Windows XP SP3 no firewall
PC2: Dell Optiplex 755
Windows XP SP3 no firewall

Trying to connect PC1 to PC2
Both PCs are in same LAN same subnet no firewall.
NO router just HUB.
I can Ping PC1 to PC2
DNS & WINS are working
I can telnet to the PC2 from PC1 using prot #3389
I can not connect PC2 from PC1 using RDT Client.
It just flush the screen back to connection screen.
I can connect other remote PCs from PC1 and PC2
Nobody can not connect PC2
I check TerminalService is running.

Please advise me soon.
Thank you.

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