RD connection to multiple PCs behind firewall



Hi all,

I've been trying to figure out a way to do this, but I can't think of a good
solution. So I thought I'd turn to the community to ask.

I've got three PCs at home, all of which are running Win XP Pro w/ SP2. I'm
running a linksys router with the firewall enabled.

The IPs for the machines are listed below: - pc1 - pc2 - pc3

I'm using services from dyndns.org to get my domain name to access my
network. I've enabled my router to accept 3389 which forwards RD requests to
pc1. I type in myhostname.dnsalias.com:8080/tsweb to get to my pc, and all
is working well.

Now my question is, how can I connect to my other computers? Here is what I
currently do...

Log into the web address above, then once I'm into my machine, I go to
Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications>Remote Desktop Connection and
connect to pc2 or pc3. I know this is real inefficient, but hey, it works.
What I want to do now, is be able to directly connect to my pc2 or pc3.

I've looked at changing the listening port number for RD for pc2 and pc3 to
something like 3390 and 3391 respectively, but that means that I'd also need
to open up more ports for IIS running on each machine, say 8081 and 8082. I
have no problem doing this, but the linksys router runs out of space for port

I've read up on the SSH solution, but I really don't want to run any other
software. Does anyone have a better solution for me? Your help is greatly

Sooner Al [MVP]

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