XP PCs not sharing



I have a peer-to-peer network of 5 PCs, all running Windows XP SP2.

Three of the PCs want the capability to share a folder (and the files
within that
folder) with each other. One of the PCs can access shared folders on
the other two
PCs (pc1). Another PC (pc2) can have its files and folders seen by the
other two
PCs (pc1 and pc3), but cannot access the workgroup (that all of the PCs
are a
member of), thus cannot see pc1 and pc3 via Windows Explorer. The last
PC (pc3)
can access pc2, but can not access pc1.

pc1= can access designated folders and files on pc2 and pc3
pc2=can share folders and file, but cannot access workgroup to get to
pc1 and pc3
pc3=can share with pc1, but not pc2, And cannot access pc1.

All of the PCs are members of the same workgroup MSHOME.
The shared folders are set to share via SHARING/NETWORKING SECURITY tab

I am a bit rusty at networking, and have search diligently for an
answer or
at least a place to start. I have played with the firewall in XP to no
avail. Thank
you for any assistance.




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