cannot connect to PC from multiple PCs using remote desktop


Keith Gotter

Hello. I am a tech, and i have a user that has a pc that no pc on our network
can connect to. He was setup before and it was working before. He gets the
error saying the "client cannot connect to the remote computer". I checked
the pc and i am able to ping it on multiple machines. I used dns and ip
address and still nothing. I made sure that terminal services was started and
rpc is started. I cannot restart these services by command line or gui even
though i am an admin. i also went to system prperties, and went to the remote
tab and
made sure that remote desktop is enabled on this pc. then went to the remote
desktop group to make sure the proper access is given. we dont use windows
firewall. Its disabled via the domain policies. and this pc is in the same
location and same floor as the pcs thats trying to connect to it, so im
doubting a firewall is the problem but at this point i dont know what to do.
Does anyone got any suggestions? All our pcs are windows xp pro with latest sp

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