remote desktop unable to connect



One pc behind router.
Remote desktop is enabled. Firewall is OFF.
I know the ip address. I cannot connect.

Is there a way to /reinstall/repair just remote desktop? (how lovely and
simple that would be) i have a gut feeling something has been corrupted. What
services are supposed to be running/launched for remote desktop to work? And
entries in the registry?

It's a new pc. Winxp Pro.
I was able to access the prior pc - it was behind the same router, windows
firewall was on but it was set to allow remote desktop & remote assistance.

thanks for the help.


Thanks for the fast answer!
sadly, i don't know how to telnet port 3389.
but ready to learn. Would you please advise?


from my pc c: prompt i ran: Telnet tserv 3389

"could not open connection to host on port 3389. connection failed"


Ok - i got it going. once i realized port was inaccessible, i turned to the
router. had to reconfigure port and reboot.

Thanks to Robert L. for pointing me in the right direction.


any send me solution to uninstall remote desktop connection in window xp

Sooner Al [MVP]

rajinder said:
any send me solution to uninstall remote desktop connection in window xp

Do you mean you don't want anyone to be able to remotely access/control your
desktop using Remote Desktop? You can disable it via a group policy.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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Could you please desribe to me what you did to fix the problem after you
discovered that the connection wasn't active? I'm having trouble connecting
to work using VPN and Remote Desktop. It was working fine up until a few
weeks ago. When I run that "Telnet" command I'm getting the same message as
you were "Could not open connection to host on 3389...". What did you mean
by "reconfigure the port"?

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