Computer Won't Hibernate or Standby



Using XP home edition, when I close the lid on my laptop for any
length of time, the computer won't come back on. When you open the lid
back up the computer should power back up. It feels like it's still
on, but the screen is blank and I have to shut down and start over.
This didn't used to be a problem. I have no idea what happened.

If I go to start>control panel>performance and maintenance>power
options>power schemes: there should be options there for turn off
monitor--turn off hard disks, system standby and system hibernate.

But those options, which used to be there, are now grayed out.

I tried going to power schemes in safe mode, and some of them are
there, but when I go back to regular mode they're gone.

I tried a system restore going back to July, but still grayed out.

Any help fixing this would be appreciated.


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