Hibernate Tab Missing


Alan Gillott

Wife discovered her computer was no longer powering off when she shut the
lid of her laptop. On further exploration her Power options were set to
Standby, not hibernate, and it steadfastly refused to go into hibernate

Every reference poined me to the Hibernate Tab of the Power CPL dialog:
however on her machine the Hibernate Tab is missing. On all the others it is
present. I suspect an error of malicious origin - and that the fix involves
resetting some registry options. can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


ensure that your virtual memory has not set itself automatically, and bring
it back down to min of 2 and max of 750, manual settings. reboot and see if
tab is there. if not then...

then delete the c:\hiberfil.sys and recreate on via notepad. open blank
note then save as c:\hiberfil.sys Reboot and see if tab is there, if not

do a windows repair via your win cd.....

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