Computer won't hibernate after idle interval



OS = Windows XP Professional SP-1

I have Windows configured so when I hit the power button it will put the
computer into hibernate mode. That's works great. The keyboard sleep
button only puts the computer into Standby mode but the power button is
sufficient when I want to shutdown into hibernate mode.

However, the scheduled power option to put the computer into hibernate
mode never triggers. I have a Power Options scheme defined as follows:

Turn off monitor: 1 hour
Turn off hard disks: 1 hour

Standby mode: 2 hours
Hibernate mode: 4 hours

When I go to sleep and get up the next morning, the computer is in
standby mode, not in hibernate mode (and, yes, I am sleeping 6 to 7
hours so hibernate mode should have kicked in). Although there is some
power saving in standby mode, I would prefer the computer go into
hibernate mode. After waking up, I go to work and don't have time to
play on my computer (especially since I go to work and use computers).
I have to remember to push the power button before heading off to work
to put the computer into hibernate mode so it is powered down while I'm
at work, or remember to hit the power button before going to bed.

I'd rather get the power option to actually work so *it* puts the
computer into hibernate mode. I see no messages in the Event Viewer to
indicate there was a problem when it should've tried to go into
hibernate mode. Does going into Standby mode preclude also later going
into Hibernate mode? I wouldn't think so since the power options let
you configure both modes for idle time before they trigger. If they
were exclusive, one should be grayed out when you selected the other
mode to use.

I've read the Microsoft KB articles but none seem to apply. Most are
about problems with devices, drivers, or software when returning from
hibernate mode. My problem is getting *into* hibernate mode. Using the
power button to put the computer into hibernate mode does work, so it is
not a problem that the computer will not go into hibernate mode at all.
The problem is that it won't go into hibernate mode after the configured
idle time in Power Options.


May be you have got some support, which also could solve my problem:
After downloading some safety batches the hibernate register card in the Power Management window is no more shown.

What did I wrong and how to repair this error?

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