Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up


R Iyer

I have recently downgraded the Operating System on my Laptop (Lenovo
Notebook 3000N200) to Windows XP Pro with reasonable success. However, there
is one problem. I can go into Standby and Hibernate mode all right, though
it takes an easy 60 secs to do so, but I cannot wake the computer by shaking
the mouse or punching any key on the keyboard. I should clarify that my
laptop is connected to an external monitor and keyboard, and hence the
reference to shaking the mouse. I find that the only way to recover from
Standby or Hibernate modes is to power off and power on again by pressing
the power button on the laptop, which partly defeats the purpose of using
these modes. I have installed the correct latest BIOS and also Power
Management and video drivers for XP. Any help will be appreciated.


If you are in hibernation mode you can ONLY bring it out of hibernation via
the power on button except for wake on LAN. In hibernation, power is off
and the power on button must be pushed. When in standby mode a keyboard or
mouse movement will liven your computer. But, the keyboard and/or mouse must
be set up to do that function. In standby mode power is on and you only
activate the computer.


Thanks for the clarification regarding Hibernate Mode. So I should be able
to wake up my computer from Standby Mode, but here also I find that neither
the mouse nor the keyboard has the appropriate options when you check on
them in the Control Panel. I wonder if this aspect of Power Management is
part of the System Drivers particular to the make of the laptop. In fact I
have installed the latest Lenovo (my laptop manufacturer) Power Management
driver, but there is no improvement. If any folks out there with the same
system (Lenovo 3000N200 with Windows XP Pro) have got their Power Management
functioning properly, I would be glad to hear from them.

David Webb

I have no info regarding your laptop but I had to tweak a BIOS setting in my
desktop to enable the mouse to wake up from Standby. It also had a setting to
use the keyboard as a wake up device, but I didn't enable this feature.

It may be worth a look at your laptop's BIOS settings.


Sorry I do not have a laptop. However on a desktop it is control
panel---mouse or keyboard---hardware tab---properties
button---and power management tab.


I take the point. Unfortunately the BIOS on my system does not have any
options to enable mouse or keyboard to wake up from standby.

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