Computer will not stay in "stand by / hibernate"



My computer has been in use 4 weeks(new). I have it set to go into stand by
at 30
min. and to hibernate after 1 hr. Everything worked fine for the first two
weeks, then
all of the sudden when it goes into stand by, it will wake up within 30
seconds or somtimes it takes an hour ,to start back up all by itself. It will
now stay on 24/7
going in and out of stand by. I have manually put it in hibernate and it
still wakes back up within 30 min. I have Qwest DSL. If I disconnect the
phone line to the computer it does not wake up. If I reconnect the phone line
hours later the computer will wake up again within 30 min. How can I find out
what program is causing this very
irritating problem. I have done a Norton complete system scan with no
problem found




Check to see if you have Wake on Modem set in the BIOS settings of your
computer. It should be under Power Settings in your BIOS.

Also, check your other Power Management settings in the BIOS.

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