Citrix Connection to Terminal Services



I have multiple Win2k servers setup with TS administrative and TS application
mode. To connect from outside the network, we use a Citrix session using a
RSA token for secure access. From the Citrix session, we can TS into the
Win2k Servers in remote admin mode. However the Citrix Session is unable to
even get a login prompt on the TS App Mode servers.
(The TS servers in app mode work fine if logged in on the netork. I have
also changed each app mode server to remote admin, and the citrix session
works on those as well.)
The only failing configuration is Citrix session connecting to a server via
TS while it is in application mode.

Any thoughts?
Thanks Sal.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Have you checked your EventLog on the Terminal Server?
Sounds like it has something to do with obtaining a TS CAL.

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