Local Port Redirection



I need to assist a client who is using Win2k Terminal
service sessions and needs to redirect output to their
local LPT# ports.

In Citrix, the solution syntax would be:

This does not seem to be working when I test in RDP
sessions on my TS or the clients. Can any one assist with
the correct syntax which is equivalent to the Citrix
syntax or explain why it is not working in TS?

Thanks in advance.

Zenon Pilat \(MS\)

This is not supported in Win2000
as a work around you can share the redirected printer and use lpt port
mapping to UNC construct
if HP LaserJet 5l is redirected and than shared as MyHP you may map it as:
net use LPTx: \\TSserverName\MyHP and use LPTx to print from the script or
dir > LPTx:

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