Term Serv License errors



I had a win2k TS in a Novell environment, running Citrix, for well
over two years and all was well. We went to MS SBS2003. Joined the
Citrix server to the domain as a member server. Now, Win9x machines
cannot connect to Citrix and the system event log is filling with
Event 1003 client supplied invalid license errors.
Also, neither server now shows any TS licenses. I can't activate
either server as a TS license server. The SB2k3 server was installed
with TS in administrative mode.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Let's see if I undrstand your setup correctly:
you have a SNS2003 Domain Controller with TS in Remote Admin mode
and a W2K Citrix server, which is now a member server in the
SBS2003 domain, is that correct?

When you moved the W2K TS into the domain (presumably from a
workgroup or from a NT 4.0 domain, it lost its capability to run
the TS Licensing Service. As soon as a W2K TS is a member of a
domain (other than NT 4), the TS Licensing Service *must* run on a
Domain Controller.
You can verify this in the EventLog, which should record EventID
29 "Terminal Services Licensing can only be run on Domain
Controllers or Server in a Workgroup".

What you should do is to install the Licensing Service on the DC
and move your TS CALs to it (which means phoning the Clearinghouse
and get them re-issued).

277917 - Terminal Server Licensing Service Failure

291795 - HOW TO: Locate a Phone Number for the Microsoft

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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