Existing Win2k TS and New WIN2k3 Server Licensing Problems



We have had an error free installation of Win2k Server running TS for three
years on an NT Domain. We bought a new Win2k3 server for our application
software and all but 2 clients have not been able to log on remotely since
taking down NT. We have XP and 2000 workstations that need to connect. My XP
workstation receives the error:
The remote computer disconnected because of an error in the licensing

The tech that was in charge of this upgrade became seriously ill and fixing
this has thus become my problem. Looking over his notes, Terminal Server
licensing was not installed on the Win2k3 server because it was running on
the actual TS. The TS was activated when first setup 3 years ago. I haven't
tried making any changes as I wanted to get your input first.

Should I uninstall TS Licensing from the WIN2K server and install on
WIN2k3? Will I need to deactivate and reactivate the TS server? Are there any
other options to try before doing this? The licensing server is all very new
to me so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Vera Noest [MVP]

I don't understand the details of your environemnt:

* "taking down NT" - what does that mean? what kind of domain do
you have at the moment? Which OS is running on your Domain
* is the 2003 server also a Terminal Server, or is it a DC, or a
member server in the domain?

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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"=?Utf-8?B?UyBHb2RzY2hhbGs=?=" <S
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The NT server is deceased and not on the network any longer. We are running
Win2k3 as our DC. The Win2k is NOT a DC and is is a member only.

I went ahead and installed Terminal Services Licensing on the Win2k3 box and
it found our Win2k TS which is great but I am still getting the same error on
our remote workstations. Was I wrong in thinking that we would not need
TSCALs if we kept our WIN2k TS in place for Remote Access?

Vera Noest [MVP]

OK, let's make sure I've got it right:

* You have a 2003 DC + TS Licensing Server
* You also have a W2K Terminal Server, which has detected the 2003
LS (it's the TS that must detect the LS, not the other way around)
* You have W2K Pro and XP Pro clients, who try to connect to the
W2K TS, but get a licensing protocol error.

This should work, since the 2003 LS also has the built-in
"Existing Windows 2000 Per Device TS CALs", which should be issued
to the W2K Pro and XP Pro clients. As long as your clients only
connect to a W2K TS, you certainly do not need to buy 2003 TS
The only problem here that I can think of is that the clients have
problems with renewing their TS CAL, since it should now be issued
by a new LS. You can test this by deleting the locally stored
license from one of your clients, and then try to connect *twice*.
Monitor the connections in the Licensing Maneger. On the first
connection, the client should receive a temporary license, on the
second connection, it should receive a "Existing Windows 2000...."
If that happens, the problem is solved.
If it doesn't, check the EventLog on the W2K TS for more
information about the reason.

187614 - Removing Terminal Server Licenses from an RDP Client

Vera Noest
MCSE,CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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