Win2k3 TS Problem



I couldn't find a newsgroup for Win2k3 TS, so I thought I'd post this here.
I have problem with a Win2k3 Enterprise Server. The server is in TS
Application mode and is NOT in a domain, only a workgroup. Sometimes, not
consistently, when users try to use the Remote Desktop client to get to the
server, it won't connect and they will get a licensing error back. I have
found some TermService, 1027 errors in the event log which contain the

The terminal server could not locate a license server in the WORKGROUP
workgroup or Windows NT 4 domain. Confirm that all license servers on the
network are registered in WINS/DNS, accepting network requests, and the
Terminal Server Licensing Service is running.

I know for a fact that there is NO TS licensing server on the network in
which this server resides. However, people can connect to it using TS most
of the time. It seemss like once or twice a week this problem occurs where,
after typing in the IP address of the server in the Remote Desktop client, it
tries to connect for a while, then returns the licensing error to the client.
And here's a little twist - the RDP client is being run as a published
application from a Citrix server on a different network. Keep in mind that
this setup does work most of the time, and I'm trying to figure out a) why it
even works when there is no TS licensing server, and b) why it stops working.
Thanks for any help.


If the client already has a valid TS license obtained from connecting
to another TS server, it will allow them to connect.

If the server is set to Per User mode, it would also allow them to
connect, but it is unlikely the client would ever see any license
protocol errors.

Why not point it to a valid ts licensing server or install ts licensing
and install licenses, etc?

You can run tsctst.exe on each workstation to view information about
the ts license. It is part of the resource kit




Thanks for the reply.

I'd certainly like to install a TS license server, but the environment is
not mine, it's one of my company's subsidiaries and I don't have
administrative control. I support the Citrix servers that run the RDP client
that allow them to connect to the problem server. Also, the Citrix server
does have a valid TS license from a TS license server. The target server
licensing set up is set to per device, not per user.

I realize that the lack of a TS license server may be contributing to the
problem, but I'd like to figure out why it works most of the time, but not
all of the time.

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