Can't use keyboard when coming out of hibernation



I hope someone here can give me a little help and or insight to this problem:

I use the hibernate feature fairly regularly and generally have no problems
with it. Very occasionally, upon waking up I get the following message and
two choices on the black screen:

"The last attempt to restart the system from its previous location failed.
Attempt to restart again?

Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu.
Continue with system restart."

Unfortunately, at this point in the restart, the Bluetooth drivers haven't
loaded yet, so I can't use my Bluetooth keyboard to make a selection. Not to
worry, however, I've got a backup USB keyboard which I plug in, the system
recognizes it and away I go . . . everything's fine again.

This time, however, the system doesn't seem to want to recognize my USB
keyboard, so I can't make any selection. The system just sits there waiting
for my decision and I can't tell it what I want it to do!

So you know, my computer doesn't have any PS2 plugs, so the only way to
attach the keyboard is through the USB port.

I'm also pretty sure the BIOS is set up to boot from the CD Drive before the
HD. (There is no floppy drive on the computer.) I downloaded what I believe
is a bootable CD, burned the image on another computer and tried to boot with
it. No good . . . I still get the same message. The CD might not be the
right one; I'm not sure about all this.

I'm running XP SP2.

Ideas, anyone?

Thanks for your help!


Hmmm . . . no responses. Maybe I wasn't clear on the problem, so here's
another way to look at my problem:

Re-booting the computer only gets me as far as the system asking me what to
do. Since my keyboard is useless, how can I tell it what to do? How can I
get the system past this point? Alternatively, how can I get the system to
simply not go there and just boot up, maybe in Safe Mode?




I did some digging around in my pile of old, useless computer junk that I
never seem to get around to tossing out and found a bit for the PS2 keyboard
input. I then used an old PS2 keyboard and it worked fine.

It was a pain in the $%@, but it's fixed now.

Have Fun!

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