Explorer not working etc.


John M Carter

Just installed new mobo and did a 'repair' on existing Win XP Home. Noticed
straight away that no PS2 conn for mouse so used adapter and plugged into
USB port near keyboard PS2 Conn. booted up but mouse didn't work. Got USB
mouse and plugged into another USB port - all OK for a few hours. Today
computer seemed to boot up OK but can't access Control Panel or My Computer,
and won't run CD drive. Mouse now doesn't work. Tried further repair process
but no luck. Is this mobo failure again??? Any other ideas?? Thanks

Ron Badour

Assuming you have what is important on the hard drive backed up, I think I
would format the drive and try a clean install of XP before deciding that
the new mobo has failed.


Ron Badour
Windows Desktop Experience

John M Carter

OK Thanks - I just rang the mobo supplier who said the same thing so maybe
that's a good starting point.


PA Bear [MS MVP]


Backup your personal data, then do a format & clean install of Windows.

After the clean install, you'll have the equivalent of a "new computer" so
take care of everything on the following page before otherwise connecting
the machine to the internet or a network and before using a USB key that
isn't brand-new or hasn't been freshly formatted:

5 steps to help protect your new computer before you go online

Also see:

Steps To Help Prevent Spyware

Rogue Security Software - Microsoft Security:

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