Hibernation Problem with Bluetooth USB2


John Butler

My Bluetooth dongle and modem are connected to via USB 2. On returning from
Hibernation the Bluetooth devices are not found, and if I attempt to start
them windows report that the settings were not saved when Windows closed.

Can I force windows to save the settings or can I restart the Bluetooth with
out rebooting (which makes the hibernation useless )

Uncle John

John Butler

They remain inactive and if I want to use them I have to do a normal
I can see from the indicator LCD's that they are active while the PC is
hibernating but when it goes through the resume process they are turned of
and not restarted.

John Butler


Thanks for your help. I have overcome the problem by switching the bios
settings to soft off, enabling S5 mode shutdown in addition to S2-S3 and
setting immediate reboot after power restored

Bob I

You're welcome, thank you for posting back with your solution. It will
assist others who may have run into this issue.

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