Can't Send/Recieve with Outlook 2003



Outlook 2003 was working fine up untill yesterday and it wont send/recieve.
No errors or anything just nothing happens when I hit the button. Can't even
access the send/receive configuration under Tools/Options/MailSetup, just
ignores it.

Have tried unistallinga and re-installing Outlook 2003 incl SP3, still no

Have tried deleting and adding back my profile. It seems ok and the "test
settings" checks out ok and sends the test email to my address which I can
access on the net.

I have tried setting up Winmail with the same account and in works fine,
sending & receiveing.

For a while this problem let me send emails but didn't let me receive, now
it's gone back to nothing.


John S


Sorry I can't actually help - but I'm having a similar problem with Outlook

Same symptoms as you except Send/Receive (F9) works fine until I close
Outlook. When I re-open it Send/Receive no longer works. If I re-start my PC
it works fine again.

I have tried everything I can think of including creating a new Profile. I
will try creating a new pst file. I haven’t re-installed Outlook as I doubt
that is the issue.

There is an old post on this discussion group dated 5 Dec 2006 that also
relates to this problem but no one seems to have any answers!!


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