Cannot Send or Receive Outlook 2003/2007



Have setup and removed email accounts to local provider, gmail and hot
mail..POP3 accounts. Test messages are all ok but no send/ receive from
outlook. No Send button new messages but says it will send from the "account
Removed office 2007 installed 2003. Problem remains.
When send receive button pressed no activity seen on LAN Status screen, only
polling packets exchanging.

Took all firewalls down and re-tried- same results
Emptied outlook.pst- re-booted -re-tried - no change

ISP provider no help during the hour and a half he tried -- nice guy -no help.

I hope someone has found a solution other than format C:

neo [mvp outlook]

You are aware that if there are no e-mail accounts defined, then there will
be no send button when composing a message... right?

I would start simple and define a single POP3 or IMAP account to your e-mail
provider host and then try Outlook. If you get any error messages, write
them down and include them in your next post.

The other thing that you might consider is turning on diagnostic logging.
It might give a clue as to whether or not a connection is being made to the
e-mail server.

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