Send/Receive will not work.



All settings for my POP3 account on my newly installed MS outlook 2007 look
correct. (Test email works - but only visible through webmail).

On attempting a Send/Receive All, I receive a message "The operation failed.
An Object could not be found" immediately. My Send/Receive progress bar
shows nothing.

Any ideas on what's wrong would be appreciated.


Roady [MVP]

Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook?
Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd
still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus
scanner. For more details see;

Ron B

I have a similar issue since installing Win 7. Outllok 2007 will not download
or send when using MS mail my email server. Message I get is

All settings for my POP3/SMTP account with MSN look correct my wife can get
her donloads OK via Cox. I get the message:
error = 5102. Server. Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was
However NOT very temporary since it has been doing it for days - then one
day it does download then back to server errors as above.
Help appreciated
Ron B

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