Can't send message when selecting frm contact list




I ahve soe a couple of weeks now been having problems sending emails. They
go into my out box but do not ever get sent, eve when forcing a send and

I have finaly noticed a pattern When I create an email and type a name into
teh To field and press Ctrl+K to resolve the name the email will not send.
When U double click on teh address and copy and paste just the email adress
into the to field teh mails sends OK.

It would appear that my contacts list that I have managed to keep migrating
to new computers for almost 8 yeas now has managed to get corrupt. I seem to
be able to fix this problem by creating a new contact and copying and
pasting each field across but this could take a long time for the 246
contacts I have.

Has anyone seen this behavior before and is there an easy way to recreate
all my contacts.





Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Did you try reconnecting your Outlook Address Book Service? Method depends
on your version which did not bother to post. Just find a post that matches
your version.

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